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gauntlet_rpg's Journal

IACC-1071 Gauntlet
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Apologies, but applications are now closed, indefinitely.

A Panfandom Science Fiction Roleplay
Ten years ago, a tragic accident led to the greatest scientific breakthrough in modern history.

The universe is not singular.

The universe does not have to be isolated.

The universe cannot be tampered with without consequences.

The Hyperstring Gate prompted the most violent, divided debate since the foundation of the Intergalactic Alliance itself. On the one side, claims that the rewards to be had in the pursuit of Gate technologies outweighed the risk. On the other, arguments that the damage done and the future dangers justified only the Gate's destruction. The continued arrival of visitors from outside the home dimension added another side to the conflict: would it be necessary to keep the gate operational in order to return them home, or should it be deactivated permanently to stall the tide of unwilling visitors?

A solution was never found.

Ten days ago, the Gate was stolen.
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