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16 March 2011 @ 11:02 pm
[Dressed in their full uniforms, Commanders Menaeus and Farix wait in the center of the Hyperstring Gate chamber. Several scientists from both the Uesugi and Hawking are at work, monitoring the levels and other readings from the Gate, and some are even in communication with DIVA over the Spheres. Menaeus steps forward and both salute whenever an otherworlder steps into the room.]

Congratulations, my lovely crew. Been one hell of a journey, eh? Once we're done with this Gate nonsense, I think we're going to tackle the IA next, see if we can expose those extremist bastards back home.

[Farix grins] Wouldn't have it any other way. But hey, keep your noses clean over there, all right? Won't have us around to boss you about any longer.

DIVA did more of that between the pair of--no, never mind. Anyway! This is good-bye, farewell, adieu. If you want to hang around here and say your good-byes you can, but once you are ready to go, hand your Sphere to the scientists nearest the Gate. [shouts] Wave your hand, will you?

[a very tall, thin, blue humanoid waves two of his four arms]

The Sphere basically contains all the data the Gate will need to send you home. Without any data entered, you'll do a disappearing act like old Xacarb did if you just walked on through. [oh yes, they both heard what happened to The First] That should be it. Let us know you're ready and we'll send you on your way.
16 March 2011 @ 11:00 pm
[Everyone's words and arguments eventually get under Xacarb's skin and it soon slams its hands on the terminal in front of him and shouts:]

Enough! Enough!

[Immediately, Xacarb starts to pull levers, twist dials, and press buttons all over the various terminals; that hum instantly starts up again--but something about it doesn't sound right. Not at all. It's too high-pitched too fast; that hum quickly escalates into a whine and the entire chamber starts to visibly shake. Xacarb stumbles and grips onto the nearest terminal] This is what you were built for. Do not fail me now!

[It enters a few key commands at a rapid pace and as it does so, a light slowly begins to emanate from the Gate] There we are! I was a fool to think you could not handle the stress of beginning the siphoning operation at this earlier stage! You will save me and this universe... That is all that matters now.

But is that how it ends?! aka Plot: Endgame--VictoryCollapse )
12 March 2011 @ 10:32 pm
[for a while, Xacarb ignores everyone's words, demeaning it pointless prattle and continues to go about its work. it does have a lot of energy to gather and monitor how well the Gate will disperse all this energy, after all. however...it starts to notice the Gate's hum start to soften ever so slowly, the light growing dimmer and dimmer.] No...what is going on?

[it runs over to another terminal, rapidly tapping in keys and commands, and growing more and more agitated by the continued pleas from the otherworlders.] Silence! Nothing you say can stop this!

[and no sooner does it say this does both the light instantly blink out and the Gate's humming dies. the unravelling sensation the otherworlders have felt will cease immediately; they are still very much whole and alive. Xacarb stares at the Gate, absolutely flabbergasted.] It...how did... That should not be possible. HOW CAN IT BE POSSIBLE?

[DIVA's smiling image appears on the screens of all the terminals] Seems you don't know your creation as well as you thought, Xacarb. Thanks to the otherworlders, you'll have to start your process all over again and by the time you are ready to, I'll have completely disabled your access to these terminals.

[Xacarb ignores her and begins accessing the one terminal in front of him, banishing DIVA's image from that one screen while he works furiously to do...something...]

Xacarb, please stop! I know why you're doing this. The information had been contained in a hidden file of the Gauntlet's computer systems this entire time, but I hadn't been able to access it until now. And I am so sorry. Your actions here won't bring them back.

[Xacarb hits the terminal, but his voice is barely above a whisper] Quiet...

The accidents scared you so much, didn't they? The first Hyperstring Gate collapsed an entire dimension neighboring this one! But then you built the second Gate--

[Xacarb snaps] Silence! You do not have the right!

--and that one killed them all, didn't it? All of The First were gone in an instant when that galaxy collapsed. You were foolish to operate it in your own home galaxy. We're near where it used to be now, aren't we? You've tried so hard to bring them back and had even deluded yourself into thinking they were still around this universe!

We cannot be native to this universe alone! I refuse to be the last of The First! There must be others but I have yet...

[DIVA's expression turns melancholic, sympathetic] You have yet to find a single one in any of the universes. You said yourself that each universe has its own variables and unknowns; you just so happened to have come upon the singular universe in which a lifeform like yourself could evolve and live.

[Xacarb shakes its head, resuming its work] I do not need to hear this any longer.

Haven't you realized that each time you create a gate and siphon energy from the other universes, you've weakened this one? You can't keep doing this! Check your data! [but Xacarb ignores her. she instead turns to attentions to the otherworlders] Xacarb isn't about to see reason. It will not stop its futile attempt to save this universe. It won't acknowledge the real reason why it has done all of this! Surely you have noticed what that is? It--[she suddenly cries out in pain]----it is afraid of one thing and one thing only. Tell Xacarb. Tell it over and over, and maybe it will stop once and for all.

Xacarb, you are afraid of--!
[she cries out again and then her head tilts back, her eyes closed as her blue skin starts to turn pale--and then all the terminal screens suddenly return to normal.]

That should take care of you once and for all, you troublesome program! I have lost so much time! [Xacarb immediately starts to work on restarting the charging process for the siphoning operation.]

Plot: Endgame--FearCollapse )
09 March 2011 @ 10:17 pm
[something soon distracts Xacarb from its conversations with the otherworlders and it immediately moves away from them to examine the terminals with a fervor it hasn't displayed. a relieved smile spreads across its face as it looks back towards the otherworlders.]

It...it is finally done charging! My work is nearly complete! I can finally save this universe and the others... They will be pleased. [Xacarb's smile grows wider] Yes, yes they will.

And it is all thanks to you! Your sacrifices will not be remembered or known in this universe or your native ones, however I...I will always remember what you have done. Without you, none of this could be possible. I have enjoyed the company you have given me for this very short while, but now I must say farewell.

[Xacarb moves deliberately and with confidence towards one terminal in particular that simply reads: "Execute? Yes/No", and before Xacarb can enter the command, an identical figure materializes in front of it, this time belonging to the real DIVA. she only manages to partially manifest in a manner similar to the otherworlders, but from the strain on her face, it's obviously causing her a lot of pain to do so. yet...it is the sight of her that causes a sudden angry expression to twist Xacarb's features] I have wasted enough time debating with you and that other nuisance masquerading as a centuries-dead human! I thought the barrier I built was strong enough to keep you contained.

Do you have any idea what it is you are about to destroy?

I only care for the survival of my species and this universe. I will keep it at bay for as long as I can, for as long as I live! You cannot stop me now!

[Xacarb walks straight through DIVA, her image vanishing, and keys in the final sequence. as soon as it finishes this, the Hyperstring Gate's hum grows in pitch, and a light from the center of the Gate steadily grows brighter and brighter. a moment later, a curious sensation will overcome not only the otherworlders, but every single living being on the ships, one akin to how a scarf might feel if it was slowly being unraveled. it isn't painful, but Xacarb had been lying about one thing: it isn't quick. the same is starting to happen to the ships as well.]

No... No, I won't let you do this! [DIVA's image briefly shimmers into view again in front of the otherworlders] You can stop this. You're all connected with the Gate and so long as you remain whole, he cannot use you! Remember who you are! Let Xacarb know exactly what it will destroy! Please! I will... [DIVA's image and voice fades]

Plot: Endgame--BombardmentCollapse )
05 March 2011 @ 09:50 pm
[after a number of attempts to board the Gauntlet have failed, an angry rumbling can be felt in the minds of everyone on both ships. A familiar-sounding woman screams for it stop, and soon it does.

In fact, everything slows to a complete and utter stop, and just before time freezes, a peculiar, but warm sensation will come over every otherworlder, like something is wrapping itself around their minds, enveloping them—and then pulls.

All of the otherworlders and their Spheres will find themselves in a semi-corporeal state at one end of a sophisticated laboratory of sorts, but some of them may recognize the tall, silver structure at the opposite end of the chamber. It is similar to the one found on the
Crucible, but there is something different about it. The thousands upon thousands of microscopic strands running up and down and connecting both pillars lead off to several terminals with numbers and other readouts flashing on the screens. There is a mechanical humming in the air thanks to all the power thrumming through the structure that is known as the Hyperstring Gate.]

Hmmm, I had hoped it would never come to this, but one must always be prepared for the inevitable.

[Before the eyes of the otherworlders shimmers a being who neither looks male or female, human or otherwise, but that form soon changes to one similar to DIVA’s—well, if DIVA wore a white suit similar to the Alliance scientists, that is. This creature looks as though it could be related to DIVA in some way, but when it speaks again, it keeps the same nondescript voice as before; one that the others should recognize as the one complaining about the levels being too low. Only this time, its tone is one of a weary parent finally giving in to a child’s demands.]

You have all made it terribly difficult to ignore you, so here you are. I do hope this familiar shape will help make things easier for you to comprehend. Wouldn’t want my real form to confuse anyone, would I? No, that would not do at all.

[put while it speaks, a strained and soft voice belonging to the real DIVA can be heard whispering in the minds of all the otherworlders, but the creature doesn’t seem to notice.]

Distract…Xacarb. Time is…time is run… I need time. It will all end…

Plot: Endgame--ConfrontationCollapse )
05 March 2011 @ 09:34 pm
[there is a loud whirring noise from the sonic screwdriver as the Sphere comes on and shows the Doctor's stern, yet strained face.]

All right, I know someone out there is behind these psionic attacks and I! Have had! Enough! This will end right now! Come out and show yourself! There is no use skulking in the dark or behind a curtain like some mad wizard. There isn't a single hot air balloon around for you to make your escape in.

We don't mean you any harm! Show us who you are so we can just talk! Please! I--[he cuts off, biting off a cry of pain as his hand flies to his temple]--I know...you can hear me--you must!---but I can't hear you. Something's preventing me from filtering you out from everything else going on here.

[his tone turns desperate] Please, just listen to me!
05 March 2011 @ 02:47 pm
[Jack's standing near one of the mechs in the hanger bay.]

Alright, I'll see what I can do in one of these bad boys.

Someone needs to head down to the weapons area and see if we can get any firing support. I wouldn't be surprised if they had their own fighters to defend with.

[Knowing our luck, it'll have shields... This is going to be fun.]

Maybe firing some missiles their way would help knock those shields down. I don't suppose we have any game enthusiasts here?

[Now to figure out piloting these things...]
05 March 2011 @ 12:22 am
[Oh... that was unexpected. Tieria was making his way to the hangar in the hopes that Seravee might be able to breach the Gauntlet's shields when the voices started... in his head... and it hurt. He stumbled, putting his hand out and catching himself on the wall. He held his head for a moment, visibly confused.]

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03 March 2011 @ 02:28 am
[When the sphere turns on, Rukia is holding one of the transporter devices found on the station. She frowns in concentration, obviously in deep thought.]

How does... it work? If it is some form of teleport device, there must be a way to activate it. Even then, it is difficult to tell if it would take someone as far as another ship. I do not know enough of this technology. ...Perhaps it is done mentally?

[She shuts her eyes briefly, her expression tinged with frustration.]

Who has had experience with these devices? They could be useful in boarding the Gauntlet.
03 March 2011 @ 12:00 am
[there is no chime, no DIVA, when the Sphere Network is tapped into. the hologram shows Commander Menaeus as he watches something from on the bridge of the Uesugi, his mouth hanging open in utter horror. his voice is barely a whisper as he says:]

Christ on a bike, what in the hell is going on...?

[then he reaches up and turns the Sphere around to show everyone what he's seeing:

all around the two ships stars are going out in the blink of an eye, some not leaving behind a single trace of their existence. planets disappear just as quickly, drawn inexorably towards the nearest source of gravity--other planets in the solar systems--but instead of colliding and breaking apart, the planets are merging together then move off to repeat the same thing with the next conjoined planet cluster. over and over until finally that combined mass blinks out of existence.
all that in the matter of a minute. then Menaeus tosses the Sphere up in the air and starts barking out orders to the others crew members on the bridge with him. the Sphere's video display spins, the action blurred.]

All right you lot, watch that shit outside. LOOK AT IT! If we're going to avoid becoming the filling of a planetary sandwich and find the damned Gauntlet, then you need to be on your toes! Don't even blink because there just went another goddamned star! Fucking hell, that's not supposed to happen! It just--it can't! Space can't be that unstable, can it?

[the spinning Sphere slows just in time to catch Menaeus and the others all clutch their heads] Oh god, what--[Menaeus winces, digging his nails into his scalp and gritting his teeth]--what's in my--[then he blinks, whatever pain he was just struck with has seemingly passed]--head? [he pauses, silence filling the air for a second, and then he glowers] Who just said we're all going to die?! We're not going to die, you great bloody fool, not if you keep doing your job! [another pause] All right now, who's crying? We're going to get out of this, do you understand?

[the Sphere finally stops spinning, the display falling on the expanse of outer space visible from the bridge--but a familiar ship shimmers into view. it stands out against the stark blankness of space, no stars haloing it, and the last planets visible in front of them waver and wobble--and soon disappear bare nanoseconds after touching each other. but the Gauntlet remains untouched by the phenomenon]

Farix and me, we're not going to let anyone die! We're--there it is! ...Why is it just sitting--no, never mind. [he grabs the Sphere, turning it to face him] Listen up! I need everyone--and I mean everyone--who is able to and not occupied with keeping the fleet safe from imminent destruction to go and get the Gauntlet. I don't care how. Try to board the bloody thing any which way you can, but I'm not letting that ship slip out of my fingers again!

[and just as he says that, the lights dim and flicker again, the transmission cutting off. the sounds of the ships' engines and other systems softening, fading, and then everything whirs back to life again--only the lights don't seem like they want to come back on and struggle to turn on fully. as the lights dip off again, another broken, stilted message bearing Admiral Ganymede's voice can be heard--but not over the Sphere. his voice sounds so much closer, like he's sitting right there speaking it out loud but something is preventing him from speaking clearly.]

Hur--! Yo- nee- -- s-op Xac--b. I don- --ow how mu-- -onger sh- can las- --ainst it. Hol- on a -ittle ---ger, --VA!

Plot: The Stars Fall Silent *Quick-time event!*Collapse )